Do not be discouraged!

Last week had just been a rough week. It was one of those many times where nothing you did seems to go right. But fortunately that time has passed. It also made me think about not getting too discouraged when thing do not go exactly as planned. There is a quote that I heard and I really like it: you may not always get what you want but you always get exactly what you need. Of course I’m paraphrasing but the meaning is simple. God may not answer all of our prayers at the exact time we want them but He always answers us every time we need it.

When I think about my life I sometimes feel slightly discouraged. But that is just the natural state of life. Of course we are going to feel like we let ourselves and other people down. It is important to remember all the good things we have done for others in our lives that makes us stronger in those times when we feel weak. I was doing a  project for school and when I got the critique back I felt very discouraged. My professor’s blue ink was generously written on just about every page. Instead of beating myself up about it, I took the criticism as a way to get better and not to be so discouraged. After all, there is always time to improve and make the best out of any situation. So I encourage everyone if a certain situation arises that seems bleak, please do no get discouraged. Our heavenly Father is always watching us and forever encourages us.