The novena of Divine Mercy begins

Today, Good Friday 2012, the novena of Divine Mercy begins. The Lord Jesus promised us through St Faustina that through the novena of Chaplets of Divine Mercy He would grant souls whatsoever graces they ask. By praying this Novena, together with the prayer intentions of each day, we come to understand the concerns closest to the Sacred Heart of Jesus – and we live out these holy days in a much deeper way.

The best website for the Chaplet of Mercy, the Novena intentions, and so much else about Divine Mercy devotions is at .

Today the Lord asks us particulary to pray for the whole of humanity, and especially for sinners. On this day when we recall His great sacrifice on the Cross to win mercy for our sins, the only means of our forgiveness, it is appropriate that we pray for all souls – because it was to give all the chance of redemption that He underwent His agony, tortures and death.

Jesus tells St Faustina that the loss of souls plunges Him into bitter grief. That any soul would refuse His mercy, purchased at such immense cost of blood, wounds and tears, is so dreadful to contemplate. Hell is eternal. It results from a totally ruptured relationship with God. An analogy of how this happens is when there is a falling out between parent and child. One party will not budge. There is nothing the other party can do because all communication channels have been shut off. The only hope in such a case is a third party, willing to be a go-between. Unless such a third party is found, the parent and child will be forever astranged.

That is how it is with sinner souls and God. Unless a third party, like you and me, prays and offers sacrifices for a sinner soul, they cannot be reintroduced to the Mercy of God. It is within our power today to bring gladness to the Heart of our suffering Saviour – pray for sinners, implore His great Mercy for them.

Praying a Divine Mercy Chaplet doesn’t take long (about 6-7 minutes if you have someone to pray with, a little longer if you are on your own), but it will bring joy to all of Heaven if you pray it today for all souls, and especially all sinner souls. It is prayed on ordinary Rosary beads, and is very easy to learn by heart. (refer back to the recommended website above for details)

Jesus, I trust in You.