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Tomorrow the great Paschal Triduum begins, in which we are privileged to relive the great moments of our redemption. Each time we participate in the liturgy of Holy Thursday, of Good Friday, and the Easter Vigil, we come to a new personal awareness of the magnitude of what Jesus has done to save us. To not be there, to not follow each moment of the great drama of God’s love for us, is incomprehensible for any one who believes in Him.

Tomorrow, Holy Thursday, is The Great Day of Love and The Day of Reparation above all others. It is the memorial of the day when Jesus gave us the greatest gift possible in the entire universe –the gift of the Holy Eucharist. How could we not be present for the liturgical commemoration of the Last Supper, to thank Him for such an immense gift? If we love Him, how could we not be present in prayer afterwards at the Altar of Repose – when we relive the moments of His great agony. How could we not spend an hour in prayerful reparation for all of the outrages, sacrileges, insults and indifference that Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament receives?

For such great love, can we not repay Him a little with an hour of prayer (or more) on this most Holy Night of Love? Please read these passages from the treasures of private revelation that Jesus has given us through his holy followers, and be moved to spend time with Him in prayer when the Mass of the Lord’s Supper comes to its close….

‘I withdrew into the Garden of Gethsemane, that is to say into solitude…Adore His will for you, whatever it is… and humble yourself as befits a creature before its Creator…It was thus I offered Myself to carry out the redemption of the world. At the same moment I felt all the torments of My Passion burst overwhelmingly upon Me:  the calumnies and the insults…the scourging and the Crown of Thorns, the thirst…the Cross…. All these sufferings thronged before My eyes and pressed upon My Heart, while at one and the same time I saw all the offences, sins and crimes that were to be committed throughout the ages…I not only witnessed them all, but was invested in them…so that under the burden of their ignominy I was constrained to present Myself before the face of My all-holy Father and implore Him to show mercy. And there burst upon Me the wrath of an angry and offended God, and in order to appease His Majesty I offered myself as security for sinful man, I, His Son, to calm His anger and satisfy His justice. But so great was the anguish and so mortal the agony of My human nature under the strain and weight of so much guilt, that a bloody sweat poured from Me to the ground. O sinners who thus torture Me…will this Blood bring salvation and life, or will it be shed in vain for you? How can I express My sorrow at the thought of this sweat, this anguish, this agony, this blood…useless for so many souls. Console My Heart. Remain close to Me in Gethsemane that My Blood may fertilize and strengthen the root of your littleness.      Jesus to Josefa Menendez 12th March 1923

‘Simon, it is the hour of My Passion. To make it more complete, the Father is withdrawing His light from Me, as it gets nearer. Before long I shall have but darkness and the contemplation of what is darkness: that is, all the sins of men. You cannot, none of you can understand. Nobody, except who will be called by God for this special mission, will understand this passion in the great Passion, and as man is material even in loving and meditating,there will be who will weep and suffer because of the scourging and the torture of the Redeemer, but this spiritual torture that, believe Me you who are listening to Me, is the most atrocious one, will not be measured…’  Conversation, recorded by Maria Valtorta in Vol 5 of the Poem of the Man God, of Jesus speaking to St Simon Zealot on the way to Gethsemane.

My agony was the most terrible of all the agonies on earth, as much on account of the sufferings that preceded it as the sensitivity of My nature and My deep insight. Come close to Me. Try to enter as best you can into My anguish of soul. Offer this anguish to the Father for all times, for your time. If you could only help Me save everyone in your time…’ Jesus to Gabrielle Bossis, ‘He and I’, Nov 28, 1940

I then tasted the bitterness of the bottom of the cup. The flavour of despair. It was what Satan wanted: to lead Me to despair, to make Me a slave of his. I overcame despair and I overcame it only with My power, because I wanted to defeat it. Only with my strength of a Man.I was nothing but the Man.And I was nothing but a man no longer helped by God. When God helps you, it is easy to lift even the world and hold it up like a child’s toy. But when God does not help us any more, even the weight of a flower is a burden to us. I defeated despair and Satan, its creator, in order to serve God and you, by giving you the Life. But I became acquainted with Death. Not with the physical death of crucifixion—that was not so dreadful—but with the total conscious Death of the fighter who falls after triumphing, with a broken heart and blood pouring out of him in the trauma of the effort exceeding all endurance. And I sweated blood. I sweated blood to be faithful to God’s will. That is why the angel of My sorrow showed Me the hopes of all those who have been saved through My sacrifice, as a medicine for My dying. Your names! Each name was a drop of medicine instilled into My veins to invigorate them and make them function, each of them was for Me life coming back, light coming back, strength coming back. During the cruel tortures, to avoid shouting My grief of Man, and in order not to despair of God and say that He was too severe and unjust to His Victim, I repeated your names to Myself. I saw you. Since then I blessed you. Since then I have carried you in My heart. Jesus speaks. Volume 5, Poem of the Man-God, Maria Valtorta

During adoration, Jesus said to me, ‘My daughter, know that your ardent love and the compassion you have for Me were a consolation to Me in the Garden (of Olives). Passage 1664 ‘Divine Mercy in my Soul’, Jesus to St Faustina.

….So, please, make every effort to get to the Holy Thursday night liturgy, and then to spend some quality time with Our Redeemer in the Garden of Olives who needs our love, gratitude and compassion.

All the holy Apostles present on that most holy night of love, and all of the ardent apostles of the Eucharist, of the Blessed Sacrament and of Reparation through out the centuries, pray for us.