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Today, 19 Mar 2012, is the happy solemnity of St Joseph, whom God chose to be the foster father of Jesus and the chaste spouse of Mary. God entrusted to St Joseph’s care His greatest treasures, so we should joyfully follow such good example and entrust our cares to St Joseph’s powerful intercession.

At last, an opportunity to publicly thank St Joseph for all that he has done and arranged on my behalf, and for so many answers to prayer. It was on the eve of St Joseph’s feast day 20 years ago that rather amazing things happened to bring my wonderful husband into my life. Many were the novenas offered up over the years seeking the aid of St Joseph in this most important matter of the heart. St Raphael, Our Lady, our guardian angels and the Holy Spirit all played their parts, too. It came as no surprise that my beloved had chosen St Joseph as his confirmation patron.

When it has been time to seek a new home, St Joseph has been a major helper. When praying for those close to death, he has been a major helper as well. When seeking to come closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, he has been a great ally. ‘St Joseph, model and patron of those who love the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pray for us.’  As Sr Emmanuel reminded us recently in the 15th March newsletter from the Children of Medjugorje, St Joseph has a particular gift for helping people find jobs.

I feel rather ashamed, now, that I haven’t invoked St Joseph’s aid more consistently in the needs of our everyday lives. This is especially so because I should know better. St Joseph is THE one to turn to if you want to make progress in the interior life of prayer. Looking at the lives of St Teresa of Avila, St Mary of the Cross MacKillop, St Isidore of St Joseph, Blessed Josephina Gabriella Bonino, St Andre Bessette and Blessed Maria  Repetto, this is obvious. With great ease we ask our friends on earth to pray for us and with us in our difficulties, but we often forget to ask our great friends in heaven – who can do so much more for us.

Who better, when looking for a new place to live, than to turn to St Joseph? He knows what it is like to seach for lodgings and to receive a crushing number of knockbacks. He knows what it is like to seek accommodation in a foreign country (Egypt). Because we love Jesus, St Joseph has great tenderness towards us, and he is always ready to obtain from God the material and spiritual aid we need.

Here are some excerpts from the private revelations made to Carmela Carabelli in 1968 that always reawaken my devotion to St Joseph (From ‘The Message of Merciful Love’ 1991 edition):

Jesus speaks of Joseph 30 Nov 1968 : ‘…Make St Joseph intervene on your behalf in your necessities and in those of others who recommend themselves in your prayers, especially for the gravely ill who will be assisted by him; and if they do not obtain a cure, they will have much peace and their passing will be secure in his and Our arms. Never forget this powerful Saint, patron of the Universal Church which, at this present moment, so much under attack, finds in him a strong defender. Never forget that all that is evil fears St Joseph and that the invocation of his name saves one from dangers and misfortunes. Blessed are the families who honour him and give his name to their children. He cherishes and protects them, lavishing providential gifts upon them and a very particuilar goodness….’

Joseph speaks of the Immaculate 3 Dec 1968 : ‘…I assure you of my special and continual protection. Recommend to me your little children whom I particularly love, for in them I see again my Jesus. I shall teach you to love Mary, my sweet spouse…I am going to ask you for a favour. On my feast day, bring many people to me. I shall teach them many things and you will be happy for it…’ 

And a short excerpt from’An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory’ : ‘God never allows a soul that has been devoted to Him during life to perish at the last moment. Those souls who have loved the Blessed Virgin and invoked her all their lives receive from her many graces in their last struggles. It is the same for those who have been really devout to St Joseph, to St Michael, or to any of the saints. I have already said one is glad to have an intercessor with God in those dreadful moments. Some souls die quite tranquilly without experiencing any of those trials. God has His designs in everything. He does or permits all for the good of each particular soul.’

What the holy scripture says in speaking of Joseph son of Jacob, ‘Go to Joseph’ also applies to Joseph, spouse of Mary Immaculate. In all of your family needs and troubles, go to St Joseph, turn to his tender heart with confidence, and you will be helped.

St Joseph, pillar of families, pray for us. 






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