All Saints Day-The Call To Follow Those Who’ve Gone Before Us!feast of all saints

All Saints day is an important solemnity in the Church. On this day we honour all the saints known and unknown who have gone before us. It’s the Feast day of the Church Triumphant in Heaven.

The Saints in Heaven are part of our family as the Communion of Saints in which we live. We are all connected in and through the mystical Body of Christ who is our Head and we are His members through Baptism.

The Saints are our friends and intercessors they rejoice with us when we seek and attain holiness and intercede for us when we are in need and in sin. We need to ask for their help however as they can’t interfere in our free will!

The Feast of All Saints is also more importantly, a Feast of the love of the Blessed Trinity.

The Holy Trinity imparts their eternal blessedness and shares Their glory with all the Saints and with us too (in a state of grace we share in in the Divine life of God even here on earth). As their brothers and sisters we rejoice in the bliss of the saints and in the expectation of joining them one day ourselves with our own crowns!

saint gertrude I love St Gertrude as her revelations and visions were always so liturgical. Being a Benedictine this would have been part of her charism, living out in faith the liturgy of the Church’s year.

In St Gertrude’s life and revelations, on this Feast of All Saints, St Gertrude saw Jesus as:

“the Father of a great family, who was entertaining all his neighbours, princes and powers so that the Church Militant (us on earth) and the Church Triumphant (those in Heaven) appeared to mingle together and each took his place according to his merit.”

St Gertrude saw  the different places that were taken at the Feast.

For example those who lived holy married lives took their places with the Patriarchs whilst those in religious life took places with the Martyrs (for their white martyrdom of self in the vows I expect).

Today as I sat down to type I saw three rainbows outside my windows I have seen two but never three at once from my window.

I was staring at them,  thinking of all the different colours that are always there in the white light  but we only ‘see’ the colours occasionally.

Then as I write this St Gertrude reveals that on the same Feast Day she saw ‘a variety of colours’ resplendent around the saints relating to their virtues and merits:

  • white-indicated the purity of virgins
  • violet-indicated confessors (of the faith) and religious for humility
  • red-for the martyrs
  • and many other colours

St Gertrude (inspired by the Holy Spirit) returned praise and thanks for the purity of the virgins, the sanctity and pefection of confessors and religious etc and as she kept praising God for all the different ‘states in life’ and orders in the Church she found herself clothed in the various lights of the saints.

As she praised God St Gertrude shared in the light of the Saints, they reflected their glory on her, thus illustrating the communion of saints visually e.g.

“She beheld her soul adorned with the same shining whiteness as the souls of the virgins”

By praising God for the gifts and merits of others we too can share in their joy and glory through the Communion of Saints.

St Gertrude was then clothed in gold and Jesus said to the saints in her vision:

“Behold her in garments of gold”(Ps 44)

What more can be said…

Wishing your All Saints day is fruitful and full of grace. Happy Feast day.



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  1. rebecca says:

    Hi I am the Humble Heart poster, I have enjoyed all the posts today on these Feast days- its great to read about the full meaning of them, which is so often forgotten. Many thanks and God Bless

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