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  1. Diverse Invitations

    I find it hard to believe that so many people fail to see God in the design of the universe about us. I have never taken the world and all creation for granted, but so many souls seem unable to see the divine in creation. I should and I will pray for unbelievers, that they will blissfully realise that their hearts belong to God

  2. Volumes Spoken Devoid of Words

    Thanks for this. I know so little of St. Joseph.

  3. The Examination

    A wonderful post. Thank you. I really enjoyed your account of an examination of conscience and of how we are called to be perfect. I am so far from that! I pray that I can have the strength to always do what is good and right.

  4. Hope and Mercy

    I love the words of your friend, that God knew we would sin before He made us, but that it didnt stop Him making us. I have spoken about this in my blog too- how God knows that we know so little and that is why He has so much mercy for us. Thanks for this post.
    I have been really busy over Christmas with many house guests and have not been able to read or write on this blogsite so I am catching up now!

  5. From the Morning Star

    I totally agree, no one kniows the time of the end so we should concern ourselves with doing good in the world. I have just posted a piece on just this!

  6. Comfort and Joy

    Amen to that!