Volumes Spoken Devoid of Words

As the quest to discover more about the holy man, St. Joseph, continues I remind myself to be vigilant, to sidestep the pitfalls of speculation and supposition, and to pray for judicious guidance as I mindfully honor one so deserving of offering us inspiration and receiving our love in return.

Hopefully, the examination will serve as a catalyst that will inspire a personal relationship for those who also want to become better acquainted with St. Joseph, the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and step-father (foster father) of Our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ. But if it is possible to know him better I would like to pursue that possibility while I still have the opportunity. He is worth it. So, in my resolve to do all that I can while I can, here is another view of what the bible does not tell us about St. Joseph.

The selection that follows was reported as inner locutions from Our Lord to Mother Maria Cecilia Baij, O.S.B., who was in charge (abbess) of the Benedictine Convent of St. Peter in Italy in the eighteenth century and have received theological acceptance. Mother Maria Cecilia Baij wrote:

 “He (St. Joseph) never relied upon himself. He considered himself to be an unimportant and miserable creature, and humbled himself exceedingly before God. It was embarrassing for him when his parents asked his advice, and he spoke only in view of obedience, and in order that God might be glorified in all things.

Nor did God fail to anticipate his need of grace and providential enlightenment. Joseph received this enlightenment either during prayer or through the medium of his angel. It is to be noted that as Joseph grew older, the angel spoke less often, because in addition to the light, which God already was providing in abundance, he was also being taught by means of the reading of the Sacred Scriptures.


One night as Joseph was sleeping, the angel appeared and told him that God was most pleased over the resolution he made to lead a life of perpetual celibacy and that He promised him His special help and blessing. Then the angel showed him a cincture of incomparable value and beauty and said to him: “God wishes to present to you this cincture as a token of His approval of your decision. As an indication of the grace which He is granting you for the purpose of preserving untarnished the luster of your purity, He has commissioned me to clothe you with it.” Thereupon, the angel approached Joseph and girded his loins with the cincture, admonishing him to thank God for the favor and grace granted to him.


As Joseph awoke, he arose immediately, knelt down, and thanked God fervently for this blessing. It developed that Joseph was never to be harassed by temptations against chastity. Although the devil attacked him with various other temptations, he never was able to lay snares for him in this domain, because God did not permit it. Almighty God maintained him in this remarkable state of purity, so that he would be worthy of becoming the guardian of the Queen of Virgins.”

These statements are in direct contrast to those held to have been written by the apostles that are housed in Jerusalem, and are presented for further consideration by the reader who must determine their veracity through the spirit of discernment that is bestowed on all.

Certainly the titles of spouse of the Virgin Mary and father of Jesus sufficiently justify his greatness but still I find an elusive ambiance cloaking him that draws my attention to the corporeal life of St. Joseph. For me it is more than the mystery of his life that acts as a magnet. Of course there is the factor of my undying gratitude to him for a personal favor granted by God as a direct result of his intercession, but that only served as my catalyst.

Why we are left to seek trustworthy sources on St. Joseph outside of the most trustworthy one available to Catholics, the bible, and why it is that it delivers so few details mystifies me.

The Christmas season does amplify my motivation each year to look more closely at St. Joseph but Christmas was not the original reason for my pursuit. What was born of curiosity, evolved to aspiration, transformed into gratitude, and is now grounded in reverence. Even with so few reliable details written on him, innately I know that this man deserves no less than a closer look.

There are no direct quotes attributed to him in scripture. In the many books of the bible not a single word is written as having been uttered by St. Joseph. It is not because he said nothing, it is not because there was nothing for him to speak about or nothing for him to share, but I must wonder why it is so that there are no recorded statements from him. I would love to read his autobiography, it would render so much more about him and the Blessed Mother and Jesus.

The publication of Mother Maria Cecilia Baij is comforting and well worth the read. Her description of St. Joseph offers readers a glimpse of the qualities one would expect of the earthy husband and father God chose to accompany and protect the Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus until his work was complete. Just as they started with God, so was their end with God. At the proper time Jesus commended His Spirit into the Father’s hands and the Blessed Mother through assumption returned to her Creator. During his life St. Joseph ran the (better than) good race!

Again, thank you St. Joseph for saying yes.



“When the days were completed for their purification according to the law of Moses, they took him up to Jerusalem to present him to the Lord…”            Luke 2:22


{Thank you for spending some time with me. May God Bless you always.}

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