“Self Worth”

“Self Worth

Do not undermine your worth
By comparing yourself with others.
It is because we are different
That each of us is special.

Do not set your goals
By what other people deem important.
Only you know what is best for you.

Do not take for granted
The things closest to your heart.
Cling to them as you would your life.
For without them, life is meaningless.

Do not let your life slip through your fingers
By living in the past nor for the future.
By living your life one day at a time,
You live all the days of your life.

Do not give up
When you still have something to give.
Nothing is really over
Until the moment you stop trying.
It is a fragile thread
That binds us to each other.

Do not be afraid to encounter risks.
It is by taking chances
That we learn to be brave.

Do not shut love out of your life
By saying it is impossible to find.
The quickest way to receive love is to give love;
The fastest way to lose love is to hold it too tightly.

In addition,
The best way to keep love is to give it wings.
Do not dismiss your dreams.
To be without dreams is to be without hope,
To be without hope is to be without purpose.

Do not run through life
So fast that you forget not only where you have been
But also where you are going.
Life is not a race but a journey
To be savored each step of the way.

Smile…. and let the sun shine through. For there’s someone, somewhere, watching over you.



I am your constant companion.
I am your greatest helper or your heaviest burden.
I will push you onward or drag you down to failure.
I am completely at your command.
Half the things you do you might as well turn over to
And I will be able to do them quickly and correctly.
I am easily managed; you must merely be firm with me.
Show me exactly how you want something done,
And after a few lessons I will do it automatically.
I am the servant of all great individuals
And, alas, of all failures as well.
Those who are great I have made great
Those who are failures I have made failures.
I am not a machine,
Though I work with all the precision of a machine
Plus the intelligence of a human being.
You may run me for profit or run me for ruin;
It makes no difference to me.
Take me, train me, be firm with me,
And I will put the world at your feet
Be easy with me, and I will destroy you.
Who am I?
I am habit!

Author Unknown

“A True Look At Life”

“A True Look At Life”

  Life can seem ungrateful ~ and not always kind…

Life can pull at your heartstrings ~ and play with your mind…

Life can be blissful ~and happy and free…

Life can put beauty ~ in the things that you see
… Life can place challenges ~ right at your feet…

Life can make good ~ of the hardships we meet…

 Life can overwhelm you ~ and make your head spin…

Life can reward those ~ determined to win…

Life can be hurtful ~ and not always fair…

Life can surround you ~ with people who care …

 Life clearly does offer ~ its Up and its Downs…

 Life’s days can bring you ~ both smiles and frowns…

Life teaches us to take ~ the good with the bad…

 Life is a mixture ~ of happy and sad…


  Take the Life that you have ~ and give it your best…

 Think positive be happy ~ let God do the rest…

Take the challenges that life ~ has laid at your feet…

 Take pride and be thankful ~ for each one you meet…

To yourself give forgiveness ~ if you stumble and fall…

Take each day that is dealt you ~ and give it your all…

Take the love that you’re given ~ and return it with care…

 Have faith that when needed ~ it will always be there…

Take time to find the beauty ~ in the things that you see…

 Take life’s simple pleasures ~ let them set your heart free…

The idea here is simply ~ to even the score

 As you are met and faced with ~ Life’s Tug of War.

Author Unknown

- Mail Waiting -


- Mail Waiting -
Author Unknown

Perhaps two of the most pleasant words in Computer Lingo are the words: "Mail Waiting." Come on, admit it. When you log on to your system at work or your internet connection at home, the first thing you look for is whether or not you have mail, isn't it? And aren't you just a little bit disappointed when you log on and there is no mail in your In-Basket?

Congratulations, you're normal. Each of us enjoys receiving notes across the net. Receiving a note shows that someone else is thinking about you; or they need and value your input on an issue; or they want to update you on what is happening with them; or they just want to say 'Hi.'


When "Mail is Waiting," you know the sender desires to communicate specifically with you.

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” Psalms 119:105

Over the years, God has communicated in many different ways to many different people. On one occasion, God communicated in a “still small voice.” On another, He spoke to Moses from a “burning bush.” Then there was a “voice from heaven” at Jesus’ Baptism, and even an incident when Balaam’s donkey spoke to him. The list goes on and on – God using His infinitely creative energy to communicate with His beloved creation.

But of all the ways that He has communicated with us, it is interesting that one of the most effective, was also one of the simplest: He sent us a letter. A note, if you will. Written by God, through men and sent across centuries under the watchful eye of the Holy Spirit. (Note: this watchful eye far exceeds any double-bit error protection system that we might ever dream up!)

A note from God. A note that says He is thinking about us: always. A note that says he desires our input back to Him: our worship, our praise, our prayers. A note to update us on issues: issues that never change, like love and life and trusting in Him. A note to just
say “Hello.” Because, sometimes we forget that He is there, and we wander off to struggle with life on our own.

Have you ever logged on to your system, saw the “Mail Waiting” indicator turned on, then just logged back off without bothering to
check the mail:

“It’s probably not important, I’ll check it later, when I have more time.”
“It’s probably not meant for me. It was sent to the wrong ID and has no meaning or relevance to me.”
“I already have too much going on, the last thing I need is another note making demands on my time.”


God used thousands of people over thousands of years to send you a message like none you have ever read before, or will ever read after. It is important. It is relevant. It is demanding.

There is an old Book from a heavenly Father about the things you are dealing with in your life even today. It’s called the Bible. It has a “Mail Waiting” light on it.

Check your Mail.




This is one of the nicest e-mails I have seen and is so true:

I dreamed that I went to Heaven and an angel was showing me around. We walked side-by-side inside a large workroom filled with angels. My angel guide stopped in front of the first section and said, ‘ This is the Receiving Section. Here, all petitions to God said in prayer are received.

I looked around in this area, and it was terribly busy with so many angels sorting out petitions written on voluminous paper sheets and scraps from people all over the world.

Then we moved on down a long corridor until we reached the second section.

The angel then said to me, “This is the Packaging and Delivery Section. Here, the graces and blessings the people asked for are processed and delivered to the living persons who asked for them.” I noticed again how busy it was there. There were many angels working hard at that station, since so many blessings had been requested and were being packaged for delivery to Earth.

Finally at the farthest end of the long corridor we stopped at the door of a very small station. To my great surprise, only one angel was seated there, idly doing nothing. “This is the Acknowledgment Section, my angel friend quietly admitted to me. He seemed embarrassed.” How is it that there is no work going on here? ‘ I asked.

“So sad,” the angel sighed. “After people receive the blessings that they asked for, very few send back acknowledgments”

“How does one acknowledge God’s blessings? ” I asked..

“Simple,” the angel answered. Just say, “Thank you, Lord. ”

“What blessings should they acknowledge?” I asked.

“If you have food in the refrigerator, clothes on your back, a roof overhead and a place to sleep you are richer than 75% of this world. If you have money in the bank, in your wallet, and spare change in a dish, you are among the top 8% of the world ‘s wealthy. ”

“And if you get this on your own computer, you are part of the 1% in the world who has that opportunity.”

“If you woke up this morning with more health than illness .. You are more blessed than the many who will not even survive this day. ”

“If you have never experienced the fear in battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation … You are ahead of 700 million people in the world.”

“If you can attend a church without the fear of harassment, arrest, torture or death you are envied by, and more blessed than, three billion people in the world.”

“If you can hold your head up and smile, you are not the norm, you’re unique to all those in doubt and despair…….”

Ok, what now? How can I start?

If you can read this message, you just received a double blessing in that someone was thinking of you as very special and you are more blessed than over two billion people in the world who cannot read at all.

Have a good day, count your blessings, and if you care to, pass this along to remind everyone else how blessed we all are

ATTN: Acknowledge Dept.
“Thank you Lord, for giving me the ability to share this message and for giving me so many wonderful people with whom to share it. ”

If you have read this far, and are thankful for all that you have been blessed with, how can you not send it on ??? ? I thank God for everything, especially all my family and friends.


The Carpenter’s Tools


The Carpenter’s Tools

Brother Hammer served as the chairman. The other members of the tool belt informed him that he must leave, because he was too noisy. But brother Hammer said, “If I have to leave this carpenter’s shop, then brother Gimlet must go too. He’s insignificant and makes a very small impression.” (A gimlet is a small tool with a screw point, grooved shank, and a cross handle for boring holes).

Little brother Gimlet arose and said, “All right, but brother Screwdriver must go also. You have to turn him around and around to get anywhere with him.”

Brother Screwdriver turned to the other tools in the belt and said, “If you wish, I will go, but brother Plane must leave too. All of his work is on the surface; there’s no depth to what he does.”

To this brother Plane leveled his terse reply, “Well, then, brother Saw will have to depart too. The changes he proposes always cut too deep.”

Brother Saw complained, saying, “Brother Ruler will have to withdraw if I leave, for he’s always measuring other folks as though he were the only one who is right.”

Brother Ruler then surveyed the group and said, “Brother Sandpaper doesn’t belong here either. He’s rougher than he ought to be, and is always rubbing people the wrong way.”

In the midst of the discussion, the Carpenter of Nazareth walked in. He had come to perform His day’s work. He put on His tool belt and went to the workbench to make a pulpit. He employed the ruler, the saw, the plane, the hammer, the gimlet, the screwdriver, the sandpaper, and all the other tools. When the day’s work was over, the pulpit was finished, and the carpenter went home. All the accusations against each of these tools were absolutely true, yet the carpenter used every one of them. No matter which tool He use, no other tool could have done the work better.

You and I are God’s “tools”. While we have our flaws, each of us has a purpose, ability, and a task to perform. Won’t you let God use you today?

Pass this inspiration on…

- Author Unknown

Not What You Want But What God Wants


Not What You Want But What God Wants
By: Helen Steiner Rice

Do you want what you want when you want it?
Do you pray and expect a reply? And when it’s not instantly answered do you feel that God has
passed you by?
Well, prayers that are prayed in this manner are really not prayers at all. For you can’t go to God in a hurry and expect Him to answer your call.
For prayers are not meant for obtaining what we selfishly wish to acquire. For God in His wisdom refuses the things that we wrongly desire…….
Wake up! You are missing completely the reason and purpose of prayer. Which is really to keep us
contented that God holds us safe in His care.
And God only answers our pleadings when He knows that our wants fill a need, and whenever our will becomes His will, there is no prayer that God does not heed!

Conversation with God

Conversation with God

- My Dear Father in Heaven.

* Yes?

- Don’t interrupt me.  I’m praying.

* But you called Me.

- Called you?  I didn’t call you.  I’m praying…  My Dear
Father in Heaven…

* There, you did it again.

- Did what?

* Called me. You said, “My Dear Father in Heaven.” Here I
am. What’s on  your mind.?

- But I didn’t mean anything by it.  I was just, You know,
saying my  prayers for the night.  I always say my prayers.
It makes me feel good,  kind of like getting my duty done.

* Oh. All Right.  Go on.

- I’m thankful for my many blessings…

* Hold it.  How thankful?

- What?

* How thankful are you for your “Many blessings?”

- I’m… well… I don’t know.  How should I know? It’s just
part of the  prayer.  Everyone always said that I should
express my thanks.

* Oh well.  You’re welcome.  Go ahead…

- Go ahead?

* With the prayer.

- Oh yeah.  Let’s see… bless the poor and the sick and the
needy and the  afflicted…

* Do you really mean that?

- Well, sure I mean it.

* What are you doing about it?

- Doing?  Who, me?  Nothing.  I guess.  I just think that it
would be kind  of nice if You got control of things down
here like You have up there, so  people don’t have to suffer

* Have I got control of you?

- Well I go to church, I pay my tithe, I don’t…

* That isn’t what I asked you.  What about your temper?  You
have a problem there, and your friends and family suffer.
And then there’s the way you  spend your money… all on
yourself.  And how about the kinds of books you  read?

- Stop picking on me.  I’m just as good as some of the rest
of those I see  every Sunday at church.

* Excuse Me.  I thought you were praying for me to bless the
needy. If that is to happen, I’ll have to have help from the
ones who are praying for it… like you.

- All right.  I guess that I have a few hang-ups, now that
You mention it.  I could probably mention some others.

* So could I.

- Look, Father.  I need to finish up here.  This is taking a
lot longer than usual.  Bless the missionaries to be led to
the doors of the honest in heart.

* You mean people like Ralph?

- Ralph?

* Yes, the guy around the corner.

- “That” Ralph… but he smokes and drinks and never goes to

* Have you ever looked in his heart lately?

- Of course not.  How can…

* I have.  I looked.  And it’s one of those honest hearts
your were just praying about.

- O.K. then, get the missionaries over there.  Do you think
I like having a non-member for a neighbor?

* Aren’t you supposed to be a missionary?  I thought I made
that pretty clear.

- Hey, wait a minute.  What is this?  Criticize “me” day?
Here I am, doing my duty, keeping your commandments to
pray.  And all of a sudden you break in and start reminding
me of all my problems.

* Well, you called Me.  And here I am.  Keep on praying.
I’m interested in this next part.  You haven’t changed the
order around have you? … Go on…

- I don’t want to.

* Why not?

- I know what You’ll say.

* Try Me and see.

- Please forgive me of all my sins… and help me to forgive

* What about Bill?

- See.  I knew it.  I knew you’d bring him up.  Listen Lord,
he told lies about me, and I got fired.  All my co-workers
think I’m a first class  creep, and I didn’t do anything.
I’m going to get even with him!

* But your prayers.  What about your prayers?

- I didn’t mean it.

* Well, at least you’re honest.  I guess you enjoy carrying
that load of bitterness around, don’t you?

- No, I don’t.  But I’ll feel better as soon as I get even.

* Do you want to know a secret?

- What secret?

* You won’t feel better.  You’ll feel worse.  Listen to me.
You forgive Bill and I’ll forgive you.

- But Lord, I can’t forgive Bill.

* Then I cannot forgive you.

- No matter what?

* No matter what.  But you’re not through with your prayer
yet. Go on.

- Oh all right… please help me to control my feelings and
not yield to temptations.

* Good.  Good.  I’ll do just that.  But you stop putting
yourself in all those places where you can be tempted.

- What do you mean by that?

* Quit hanging around the magazine racks and spending so
much time in front of the tv.  Some of that stuff is going
to get to you sooner or later.  You’ll find yourself
involved in some terrible things before long… and don’t
use me for an escape hatch either.

- An escape hatch?  I don’t understand.

* Sure you do.  You’ve done it lots of times — you find
yourself in a crisis situation, then you come running to
me.  “Lord, help me out of this mess and I promise I’ll
never do it again.”  It’s amazing how the quality and
intensity of your prayers improve when you are in trouble.
Do you remember some of those bargains you tried to make
with Me?

- Well I don’t think… Oh… yeah… like the time Mom’s
visiting teacher saw me coming out of that movie about… Oh

* Do you remember your prayer.  I do.  “Oh God.  Don’t let
her tell my mother where I’ve been.  I promise I’ll go to
nothing but “G” rated movies from now on. She didn’t tell
your mother, but you didn’t keep your promise.  Did you?

- No Lord, I didn’t.  I’m sorry.

* So am I.  Go ahead and finish your prayer.

- Wait a minute.  I want to ask you a question.  Do you
always listen to my prayers?

* Every word.  Every time.

- Then how come you never talked back to me before?

* How many chances have you given me?  There’s not enough
time between your “Amens” and your head hitting the pillow
for me to draw a breath. How am I supposed to give an

- You could, if you really wanted to.

* No. I could if you really wanted Me to.  Child, I always
want to.

- Father, I am sorry.  Will you forgive me?

* I already have.  And thanks for letting me interrupt.  I
get lonely to talk to you sometimes. Good night.  I love

- Good night, and I love You too.



Author Unknown

Dear God,

I’m writing to say I’m sorry
For being angry yesterday
When you seemed to ignore my prayer
And things didn’t go my way

First, my car broke down
I was very late for work
But I missed that awful accident
Was that your handiwork?

I found a house I loved
But others got there first
I was angry, then relieved
When I heard the pipes had burst!

Yesterday, I found the perfect dress
But the color was too pale
Today, I found the dress in red
Would you believe, it was on sale!

I know you’re watching over me
And I’m feeling truly blest
For no matter what I pray for
You always know what’s best!

I have this circle of E-mail friends,
Who mean the world to me;
Some days I “send” and “send”,
At other times, I let them be.

When I see each name download,
And view the message they’ve sent;
I know they’ve thought of me that day,
And “well wishes” were their intent.

I am so blessed to have these friends,
With whom I’ve grown so close;
So this little poem I dedicate to them,
Because to me they are the “Most”!

So to you, my friends, I would like to say,
Thank you for being a part;
Of all my daily contacts,
This comes right from my heart.

God bless you all is my prayer today,
I’m honored to call you “friend”;
I pray the Lord will keep you safe,
Until we write again.

God Bless You.


Four Ways to Pray


Four Ways to Pray

Prayer is the expression of our love to God, based in our faith and trust in Him.

There are 4 ways to pray. The four of them are wonderful, because Prayer is the  most powerful weapon humanity treasures, able to fill us with the love, joy and peace of God. The 4 ways can be done all simultaneously, or two of them… we expose them here separately for reasons of understanding.

1- Vocal Prayer: Walking to God:

It consists of praying with the mouth, saying a Psalm or the Lord’s Prayer, for example, or asking God for some need, or giving thanks or praise to Him, or to request pardon…

It is a wonderful prayer, as it is all prayer, but it is as like walking towards God… it takes time and effort.

It is the prayer of the leper, “if you so will, you can make me clean”, of Mark.1, with the wonderful immediate results, obtaining  physical healing. Or the one of Bartimeo, “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me “, of Mark.10, with the immediate cure of his blindness… the two are “Vocal Prayers”, but also prayers of  “Union with God”, as we shall see.

2- Meditation: By Bicycle:

It is the same one, but meditating in what it is said. For example: What means that God is my Father?… How can I live this wonder in my ordinary life?… How can I give thanks to God, what is the best way to praise Him?…

It is a way of prayer that approaches God faster, it is like going by bicycle… meditating in what you say when you pray a Psalm, or the Rosary, or the Holy Mass… all prayers can be done in one of these four ways, or in the four ways simultaneously.

Most of the Bible is Meditation, it is the Word of God teaching us His attributes, what is life, what we must believe, and do, and pray, and receive… it is Meditation, and for that reason we must read the Bible praying, meditating in its content.

3- Contemplation: By Car:

It is a preferred prayer of many Saints, and it is not difficult, it is easy… and it is like going to God by Car, faster and with less effort.

“To contemplate” means “to watch”, “to look”… you place yourself  with the imagination at Calvary or Bethlehem, and watch, look, contemplate… nothing else!…… you don’t have to say a word, nor think about anything, nor meditate… simply to watch, like the sister of Lazarus did with Jesus in Luke 10:39, “she sat down at the Lord’s feet to listen to his words”… and Jesus said about her: “Mary has chosen the better part, and it will not be taken away from her” (Luk.10:42).

“To listen” to God is very important. The most usual prayer of the Jews is the “Shema” of Deuteronomy 6:4-5, it is like the Lord’s Prayer for the Christians… and “Shema” means “Listen”, it is the first word of the prayer, the same one with which Jesus answered the scribe when he asked “What is the first Commandment?”, in Mark 12:28-30: Jesus answered him with the Shema, beginning with the word “Listen” or “Hear”: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one; and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength.”… and this is the Shema!

In the Rosary, for example: Contemplate the Mystery while you say the prayers, with the imagination in Getsemaní, or Bethlehem, or at the Ascension, or at Calvary…

Saint Teresa of Avila explains that the great problem of Contemplation is that the imagination flies immediately to another things, begins to imagine different things, and it is necessary to hold it… and a way to hold it, is to say the prayers of the Mystery, but always next to Jesus or Mary, contemplating them, watching them in the respective Mystery… and the vocal prayer serves as a brake, “to hold the imagination” in the Mystery, and listen what Jesus or Mary say to us…

In the Holy Mass, many contemplate it placing themselves with the imagination at Calvary during the Mass… and just look at Jesus, contemplate Him throughout the Mass… and in this Contemplation you don’t have to meditate in anything, simply watch, contemplate… and the different prayers or readings or sermon of the Mass may serve “to hold the imagination”, and just listen to Jesus…

4 Prayer of “Union with God”: By Airplane:

This is the most sublime form to pray, the easiest, and the one we usually practice the less. But it is like going to God by Airplane, it is much faster,   without any effort, quietly, even sleeping, someone else will drive the plane!… and you may even receive the good meals of the airplane, that in the prayer of Union with God are the mystical ecstasies, or celestial visions…

Here you don’t have to say a word, nor think, nor meditate, not even use the imagination… simply Union with God… nothing, but to put yourself in the presence of God, saying a simple word, for example “God”, or “sin”, or “Jesus”… nothing else but to be with God… and that’s everything!… may be in one minute you repeat the same word… it is so simple and effective that  it’s almost unbelievable!… but that’s it!.

It is the prayer of Jesus when he prayed… the one Virgin Mary was doing when Gabriel appeared to her…, the one Abraham and Moses were doing when the Lord spoke to them… nothing else but to be with God, and let God do everything and say everything… you just simply stay with Him!… “thy will be done”!… always!… at evey moment and circumstance of my life!

This is a blessed way to pray incessantly, every minute of the day, when one gets used to it, being continuously in the presence of God…

The Psalms, the Rosary, or the Holy Mass are special opportunities of prayer… unique moments to live in Union with God, and the different vocal prayers or songs serve to maintain this Union with God, that soon should extend to every minute of our life… in our sorrows or joys, always be in Union with God, nothing else but to be with God… without asking for anything, simply to trust God in everything, and to praise and bless Him at every moment of the day or night, with our thoughts, words and deeds.

Prayer is love, the expression of our love and trust in God, to speak with God and to listen to Him… usually we pray when we cannot do anymore… but prayer must be the breathing of our spiritual life, the continuous palpitations of the heart of our soul… and the easiest way, and the most important, is to be with God, to listen to Him, to trust in Him, to let him guide us and care for us, to let him do everything for us…

… To trust God, to have unconditional faith in Him, is the basis of love and of prayer…  to trust the wonderful and great God of us, who is always with us, in us, praised be God!…

… And then, yes, prayer is the fine thread that moves the powerful arm of God, able to fill us with the joy, love and peace that only God can give… he who has God, lacks of nothing, only God is enough!, used to say my friend St. Teresa.

By the way, the message of each page of the Bible can be expressed in three words: “Trusts in God “, in the Old Testament, or “Faith in Christ ” in the New one, who is almost the same… and they are the same words that summarize the messages of the Divine Mercy: “Jesus, I trust in You “.