Voicing Your Choice By Your Vote

Many states already held their primary elections. Five are voting today: New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.

The consensus was that voter turnout would be low this Tuesday (which seems to have proven true). But just because no positions are officially decided through primary elections, we still have the opportunity to see that strong candidates are viable options come November. And while it’s important to vote for the prominent offices, the smaller ones should be considered as well. The political climb to the prominent office has to start somewhere.

Unfortunately, there seems to be such a variety of cynical views regarding elections. Conservatives get discouraged, saying that their candidates don’t usually win. Or that there isn’t even anyone worth voting for. That all politicians are the same.

But it’s better for us to study up on the candidates’ positions than to excuse ourselves from voting altogether, believing that it’s not going to make a difference anyways.

Sometimes there are even complaints that the candidates will just change their positions later on. That’s something out of our control. All we can do is our part by voting, praying and fasting.

If your state’s primary election is coming up and you’re able to vote in it, make sure you do. If your primary has past, it’s time to get ready for the November elections. Study up on the candidates, who is running and what they stand for. Especially find out how the candidates view the Catholic Church’s five non-negotiables.

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