The Forge

Another dynamic little book of sage-sayings from St. Josemaria Escriva comes to us through The Forge. Chapter titles include “Struggle,” “Recovery,” and “Victory.” St. Josemaria speaks to topics that people of any faith can relate to. They are topics that touch souls because they pertain to human nature and human struggles.

What are you so proud of? Every impulse that moves you comes from Him. Act accordingly. (Dazzled)

Lord, rescue me from myself! (Struggle)

You say yes, you are determined to follow Christ. All right. Then you should walk at His pace, not at your own. (Recovery)

A few are wicked, and many are ignorant: that is how the enemy of God and of the Church reigns. Let us confound the wicked, and enlighten the minds of the ignorant. With the help of God, and with our effort, we will save the world. (Victory)

Sometimes it just takes one brief saying that we can keep in mind during the day to help us in our present situation. Through Scripture and the writings of the saints we can find those words that touch our hearts and move us forward on our journey closer to God.

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4 thoughts on “The Forge

  1. I love the priests I know from opus dei but I must admit I have a really hard time understanding the difference between an Order and a Personal Prelature.

  2. Loved the quote about walking at Jesus’ pace, not our own…writing that one down and going to reflect on that single thought. Thanks!

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