Where Your Treasure Is

With the 2012 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs beginning tomorrow, it is fitting to reflect on the transient nature of sports. One game ends and it’s on to the next.

Sports in general and favorite teams in particular are addicting for countless fans around the globe. But when a game, season or playoff series is over, how much do you really remember?

Sure, there are plays that will stay with you for years, but the number of memories are scarce compared to the number of hours piled up in front of the TV — complete with heart attacks, voices lost, and tears shed.

What happens when there’s a family or church event scheduled at game time? “For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be” (Luke 12:34). How much will you lay at the altar of sports? How do you feel after giving in? Was it worth sacrificing quality time with the family?

So as we approach another playoff season (NBA playoffs start two weeks from this Saturday), let’s try to keep perspective and proper balance in our lives — I’m preaching to myself as much as to anyone else.

It’s gonna be one tense postseason. Let’s Go Pens.

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