October Baby: A Professionally-Produced Pro-Life Film

Opening last weekend in less than 400 theaters around the U.S., October Baby snagged the second-highest-per-screen average, catching the eighth spot overall in the box office.

The movie tells the story of young adult Hannah Lawson who learns she was adopted after surviving an abortion. Hannah and her friend Jason make the 12-hour trek to find her biological mother.

It is a heartwarming film designed to celebrate life and help heal post-abortive mothers. In fact as the credits roll, actress Shari Rigby (who plays Hannah’s biological mother) shares her own story of having an abortion years ago and the healing that came through shooting the film.

If you feel burned by unseasoned attempts to create a professional faith film with skilled acting and dialogue, I encourage you to give October Baby the chance to exceed your expectations. Out of all the Christian and pro-life films released in recent years, this film felt the most “Hollywood.”

With that said, it wasn’t without a few oddities. Hannah seems to be wearing a Catholic medal through most of it, yet she states that she’s Baptist.

There were also several instances of repetition in the story. Various police officers let the main characters off the hook for law offenses so that they’d be able to continue their journey. And Hannah retold her past numerous times to different characters – something necessary for her to do but unnecessary for viewers to hear.

Overall, October Baby gives a professionally-produced witness to the importance of love, forgiveness and the dignity of every human life.

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