Produced By Faith

Do you ever doubt that it is possible to integrate your faith into your professional career? In his new book Produced by Faith, DeVon Franklin combines both elements, illustrating how you can enjoy “real success without losing your true self.”

DeVon is the Vice President of Production for Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment. He uses the film-making process to demonstrate an active Christian faith actually benefiting Christians in the secular working world.

Some of the book’s Hollywood highlights include DeVon’s climb to success as well as his work on The Pursuit of Happyness with Will Smith and The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (Will Smith’s son).

Sprinkled throughout the book are motivational lines declaring that if you trust in God, you will be successful. This encouragement and seeming guarantee of success contradicts how we as Catholics view it.

Many of us have heard the famous quote by Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta: “I am not called to be successful but faithful.”

It’s true we are given special opportunities and talents to use for the Lord, striving for success in all we do. But we are never promised worldly success.

Countless saints did not live earthly lives that the world would view as successful, making me wonder if DeVon really meant it the way I took it. He does mention struggle and trusting God even when it is most difficult. He also offers that God may change our career path and show us a different way than we originally set out to follow. Still, it was unsettling to read his definitive statements that everyone will be successful in their careers if they trust in God.

Despite that attitude, this book would especially benefit young adults who are interested in the movie industry (whether as a career or as an interest). It would be a great book to offer to graduates from high school or college, as it emphasizes that God has a plan and that His plan is the best for our lives.

DeVon relates how he remains faithful to God despite any possible opposition or inconvenience. Produced by Faith is a beautiful testament of Christian witness in Hollywood.

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2 thoughts on “Produced By Faith

  1. I want to comment on worldly success. The guarantee of worldly success if you follow Jesus by so many christians has always bothered me. I have seen many faiths destroyed when they do not get a worldly blessing. Yes you can have success if you follow the Lord but it is not always going to be the case. Chuck Colson I believe said that this belief is ‘not true to the gospel and not even true to life itself’. Another evangelical called it the ‘gospel of the world with Jesus’ name stamped all over it so that it appears christian.’
    The every day christians that I admire the most are the ones who pick up their crosses quietly every day as Jesus says that we must do.
    My favorite christian that I ever knew was a lady who always picked up her many crosses with such grace and joy. She always tackled her crosses with joy because she was doing it with Jesus Himself. And she loved Him above all and do anything for Him. She would always say ‘this is an adventure and I want to know what Jesus is trying to teach me.’
    When christians are only waiting for a earthly blessing they often miss out of the deeper meaning. I sadly wish it were different but it usually isn’t. The exercise cliche ‘no pain no gain’ kind of fits here.
    Love Jesus in all things.
    God bless you

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