Why I’m Catholic

If you’re looking for a great online resource to help non-Catholics come home to the Church, Why I’m Catholic offers powerful conversion and reversion stories. Catholics from all over the world contribute to this Web site, sharing their journey of faith from a variety of Christian denominations, non-Christian religions and from no religion at all.

New stories are added frequently. The most recent conversion story came two days ago from Methodist convert Eric Sammons, in his witness, “From Ignorance to Bliss: My Journey to the Catholic Church.”

Sammons was confused by all the conflicting beliefs he discovered between Christian denominations. He was also troubled by the fact that he had no assurance as to whether or not a particular Christian faith contained all the truths revealed by Christ. By coming to understand and take the Catholic Church’s position on many controversial issues, he inadvertently drew closer to the Church Herself.

Though he resisted becoming Catholic, Sammons prayerfully discerned (with a Rosary, no less!) the Will of God, finally embracing Catholicism and making his way home to Rome.

Eric Sammons is currently the director of evangelization for the Diocese of Venice in Florida.

For his complete conversion story and many others, visit Why I’m Catholic.

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