Books, Books and More Books

If you love reading and continually run across books you add to your “mental list,” there’s now a more effective way of keeping track. is a free Web site that lets you rate books and “shelve” them. The default categories are Read, Currently Reading, and To-Read.

You can even update what page you’re on, on the “currently reading” shelf and a percentage will be shown beside the book.

There are many Catholic and Christian books listed, and you can even add new shelves to help Good Reads find the best book recommendations for you. The more books you can rate, the more recommendations Good Reads can have for you.

I want to read a lot by G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis so when I see several books in a row by them, I can quickly add these books to my “To-Read” shelf and not worry about forgetting which ones they were.

If I need a new book to read, I can go down the To-Read list and see what strikes me the most. Good Reads is also a social network site for fellow book lovers. You can see what books you and your friends have in common and what they’re reading now.

It’s also possible to “follow” authors on there to see what they’re reading and which books they reviewed. The site combines familiar features you find on Facebook, Netflix, and Twitter – all to serve the reader.

What are some of your favorite Catholic books?

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3 thoughts on “Books, Books and More Books

  1. Father, I only see 3 books on your “to-read” list. Perhaps you put them under your “read” shelf? It is a lovely online resource! I am thoroughly enjoying the Web site. Just found it last weekend. Praise God :-)

    • I see that I expressed myself badly. When I said that I “already have a long list of books to read,” I meant in my notes to myself. I haven’t transferred those lists to GoodReads.

      I see that this site allows emoticons. I’ll have to start using the correct typography, I guess. ;)

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