Who is Rebecca?

My name is Rebecca Dawkins and I am a wife and a mother to two small boys in England. I am married to a hardworking farmer and live on a farm in Northamptonshire, England. I am also a Secondary School teacher by profession and my subject is Religion. However, I gave up teaching in 2009 in order to concentrate on being a full time mother, and now I’m looking forward to sharing my reflections with you in my Catholic Daily blog!

Humility can be the key to a happy life and eternity, and I’d like to help you see how striving to be humble has made an impact in my own little world. My blog is in so many ways about the life one leads after one truly feels the love of God. In my case this has given me a humble and thankful heart. So, I hope you enjoy my blog, Reflections from a Humble Heart.  Thank you and God bless!

- Rebecca

8 thoughts on “Who is Rebecca?

  1. Hello Rebecca, thankyou for letting me know about your blog. How wonderful to write down all those beautiful thoughts and inspire others. It must have been very humbling for you to give up your position as teacher as you said. To be alone with just ‘me’. Oh I understand what you mean sooo much. When ‘me’ feels so insignificant, so boring and uninteresting, nothing special to offer (that’s how I feel). But I guess that’s true humility, not to be recognised and praised for things, it’s so hard to be like that. I see humble people in my church and I long to be like them, I feel drawn to them but it’s hard to give things up, to be silent when you want to talk, to get praise when you have done something you feel is good, you know what I mean? I will continue to read your posts and be inspired. I desperately want to grow spiritually. I feel God wants me for something important (important spiritually I mean not important as in someone noticed in the world). Like He’s constantly calling me and I am constantly coming but only half way and then retreating because I’m afraid to give up the world. I’m afraid to be laughed at, to be an outsider but at the same time I like to be different because it’s so wonderful to have a deep sense of God and His love. Oh gosh I’m really rambling, sorry.
    God bless you, you’re an inspiration to me.

    • Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, that is really very kind of you. Yes, a theme running through my posts is, I suppose, the difficulties of living in todays worlds with all of it worldly temptations toward money, the ego etc.
      I am just a housewife with two small boys but I am totally alive with love for God! My posts explore this too, but you can see if you read further how I too find it hard to always do God’s will.
      However I really feel that humility is key- for me it is like handing my will over to that of God, allowing him to guide and direct me, as I have found that otherwise my thoughts, words and actions are always tainted by my greedy,self seeking ego!
      Believe me though I still fail!!
      I know also what you mean when you say that you feel there is something you should be doing. I have that thought, but then I realise that I have it right in front of me- being a good mother and a wife and trying to do the will of God in all my everyday little situations. I find this hard enough!
      Anyway thank you again for reading some of my blog, I really appreciate it. There are some great blogs on this catholic daily website.
      God bless you

  2. Hi Rebecca,

    So good to see that we do have much in common. I am just a little further down the road than you. My husband and I live outside of Washington DC now, and our four children are all off in college/grad school. They grow up so fast, it is wise of you not to miss it…

    I began teaching Secondary school 2 years ago. What grade is that in England; here in the States it is 6-8. I enjoy it a lot, and it lets me continue to have the joy of children around me.

    I look forward to reading more of your blogs. God bless you, Susan Fox

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