Should I Stop?

Have you read or heard about the many ‘end of time’ stories that are being sent via email, or are broadcast on TV? I have viewed a movie that outlines the many ways nuclear weapons are now able to be used by everyone and that an island in the Pacific will lose part of its structure into the sea from an earthquake, creating another horrific tsunami.

My first thought was why do I care if I eat right and work out because I’m going to die from some unnatural cause anyway. But I have decided to look past these things. If I am doing the will of God, by eating right and taking care of my body, my body will be of some use to God, no matter what happens. I have to be ready, spiritually and physically for His Will to be done.

I constantly fight the thoughts ‘What does it matter? Who is going to know? Who is going to care?’ (Guess where those doubts come from?) Well I know the answer to that. There must be a reason I am being guided to get stronger and healthier, to become the best Ginger I can be. We cannot give up our missions, no matter what the media says will happen. There has got to be a reason to keep on doing the best we can. You see, God knows, it matters to Him and He cares.

There are plenty of resources available to tell us how to prepare for disaster. But there is also the open door of the confessional and the door of the Tabernacle to help us prepare spiritually. Two doors – both contain the essence of our faith. Both are sanctuaries from the outside world and both offer peace in these troubled times. Both are Sacraments of love, healing and communion with God.

It is in walking through the door of the confessional and receiving Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament that I draw close to Our Lord and He releases my fears. It is at this time I receive the encouragement I need to keep evolving into the woman He wants me to be.

I feel He wants me healthy and strong. And when I obey Him, I receive a double portion of faith and strength to keep going. I pray that you will be aware that we are in some kind of change and that you will not be afraid. Fear casts out faith. But God casts out fear. I pray that you will spend some time visiting the Blessed Sacrament either in the tabernacle or the Monstrance during Adoration. You may learn your mission, or receive graces for a problem. The best part is when you feel the love radiating from the One who loves you and you will not be afraid of the future. Blessings and Peace.

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I am a 59 year old Catholic housewife. I love being a Catholic and I would love being thin again. I am an unemployed Administrative Assistant and a writer looking for a job and a platform to combine my struggle with weight loss and my love of God. My husband Ed and I live in Northeast Ohio. I have 2 grown sons, 1 in heaven and 1 in Michigan.

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