Here’s To You, Mom !!!

This is a letter of all the things I have wanted to say to my mother over the years, but never had the guts. Maybe I’m a bit mushy, but I have had the gift of an amazing role model. What’s that? Not true, you say? You think you have made lots of mistakes, you say? I’m here to tell you about how special you and all the other mothers are out there today. You may not be up for sainthood (yet), but have already been canonized in my heart. So, here’s to you, Mom!!!

Dear Mom,

Today is your day, Mother’s Day. I thought about sending the usual bouquet of flowers, but wanted to give you something more lasting, like a tribute. Since I am very fond of writing lists, I decided to write one for you of all the amazing things you’ve done for me over the years. (Readers, if you recognize your mom in any of these items today,┬átell your ma without delay) !

1) Mom, without a doubt you have shown me the beauty and fulness of our Catholic faith, which inspired me to share it with my children, and the whole world.

2) You taught me that life is not a Kodak moment, it’s messy, and no one escapes unscathed. While TV and movies want us to emulate something that is plastic and hollow, you taught me that life (especially family life) is not something we can readily fix by applying this lotion, or that make-up, or those clothes (as seen on TV). You taught me that prayer and a close relationship with God is the only answer and the proper foundation for all close ties. That gave me the courage to announce myself as a Christian, which helped me find good friends who believe as I do. I no longer feel like a fish out of water, as a rarity in a largely unchurched nation, but like the many that have the courage to show their love for God as I do. Thank you for that.

3) Mom, you believed in me when I was wounded by life and unable to be anything to you other than a nightly prayer. Your prayers and encouragement saved me, along with your relentless truth-telling about life, when you knew I was ready. Before that, you maintained my right to be a child by insisting on many things that were not popular at the time. Now I understand why you really didn’t like “The Love Boat,” and “Three’s Company,” and while my friends snickered alot about that, I secretly loved that you cared. I do many of the same things you did when I was a kid with my own children. I may not be a cool mom, but I do care – deeply, about my own children’s innocence and their salvation, all thanks to you.

4) Mom, you have always understood me like no other person. I can never, ever tell you how much that means to me.

5) We have both made mistakes: but I will always love you, and I will cry every day when I finally do lose you, until we are reunited in the kingdom of heaven. You are my Mommy, and I love you, forever and ever.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom !


Your Little One





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