The Renewal of the Soul Through Our Suffering

Happy Octave of Easter !

Today is a new day. A new beginning, when we can start all over with a new heart. What an incredible gift each waking moment is, each sunrise, every smile we receive from others, every breath we take.

I’m waxing philosophical today because for the first day in 2 weeks, I was able to get dressed and ready to greet my day this morning without extreme pain. Yes, I’m still walking with my upper torso tweaked to the opposite side, but I haven’t cried once because of the pain. It’s still there, but I have tried very hard to make it a habit to offer my suffering up to God. I’m very thankful that my back is starting to heal itself after my last flare-up.

My question to you is, are there situations in your life which really make you feel uncomfortable? Maybe you are not experiencing physical pain, but the psychological effect of emotional or moral suffering can be just as challenging. So – try this: Every time you are tempted to complain to others about your situation, offer it up to God in unity with the sufferings of Jesus. Since the memory of Christ’s pain is so fresh to us this Easter season, your offering will be a bit of “resurrection” in your life. While God may not take away the painful circumstances that limit us, our chance to think of our situation as something we go through with God puts everything in a new light. Think how much your suffering is worth as the most precious commodity on earth. It puts us closer to God the Father and God the Son. I promise you that if you do this, God the Holy Spirit will fill you within this season of your life, giving you greater faith and renewal.

God Bless,



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