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Long ago as a child we had a family friend who used to come over regularly to visit with us. Over time, my mother discovered that our friend was actually becoming involved in the occult. While this was extremely disturbing to consider, most of the time we laughed it off, or dismissed the goings-on of this person as being extremely imaginative, and definitely not rooted in reality.

Since the friend kept their connection (albeit loosely, for obvious reasons) to our family throughout the years, a few truths emerged over time. First of all, the person has indeed grown to be out of touch with reality and would be viewed by most people as quite loony. They talk about the spirit world, and will (as they say) go into a trance involuntarily. They seem to be habitually angry, and will demonstrate great venom toward people that disagree with their views or who upset them in any way. What began as in the 1970′s as a casual interest grew to the person thinking that they were clairvoyant, a mental medium, then into thinking they could levitate, and later, know the sex of a baby just by looking at the mother’s stomach. In short, no one in my family wants to be around this person anymore, because they have grown to be so very malicious, and because of their dogged pursuit of warped spirituality.They no longer attend mass. They say they pray, but I wonder who answers them?

Naturally, I have tried to gently ask the person if their “power” comes from God, only to be assulted verbally. The horrible thing is, they actually believe that theirs is a God-given gift that should be used to help people. They claim many years of helping the police force in locating missing persons, and unwavering service to others through psychic readings in person and via telephone. Although I do believe some people seem to “know” things in crisis situations through no natural event, it’s God that makes that happen….And last I checked, God does not need to use runes to cast a fortune, or tarot cards, or anything else like that. He’s God, and God doesn’t need props.

I think about how this person’s life could have been if they had never taken up their current practices and I realize how Satan has lied to them, telling them that the Vatican approves of their interests, even “sending” a priest to their classes. How clever the evil one is, if he can convince a catholic school graduate to turn away from God and do his bidding. How tragic, that a person such as this will die one day and be sentenced to eternity away from God.

If you ever have the opportunity to speak out against the practice of witchcraft, (which is much more prevalent nowadays than you might think), don’t stay silent!!! The simple words that you say may generate change that could eventually steer the person away from their path of destruction. You could be the person that helps the person get back on the right path. God in Heaven will love you for it, and you won’t have it on your conscience that you kept quiet about runes, or the use of a pendulum, crystals, or anything else that is used in God’s place while the person looks to external sources for ”knowledge”. The person is actually seeking God, but aren’t recognizing it. As Catholic Christians, we have a responsibility to educate others and lead them to the truth before the person’s inevitable downward spiral and eventual destruction occurs.

Jesus is the Light of the World and we are His Light within the world today. We owe it to our fellow man not to hold our tongues – or to keep our light to ourselves.

God Bless,




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