The Life of a Sinner

Writer’s Note: This is a fictional letter that would be written, if only the chains of oppression could be broken in a certain young woman’s life, whom we shall call Bridget. Bridget has experienced more pain in her lifetime than most. She is a composite of women in domestic violence situations. I encourage you to reach out to any woman you suspect is enduring pain like Bridget’s, and pray for her. Pray for her protection, and for other women like Bridget. Finally, speak out! If people had the courage to speak out against “Bridget’s” pain, it could potentially inspire change.

Dear Jesus,

It has been a very long time since my last confession. I married a man who pretended to be tolerant of my catholic faith, however, I have found throughout the years that he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My husband, long ago promised to convert to the faith, but went back on his promise. Instead, he banned any Christian materials from being brought into my house. I have allowed this, because I deep down, I am afraid of my husband. Our child was never baptised, because my husband and his atheist family would not allow it. We may not pray at mealtimes. We may not attend church. Our child is not allowed to attend preschool in a church, because a positive Christian attitude exists in such an environment.

He has brow beaten me into submission on every possible issue and every aspect of life within our house. My husband manipulates and controls me, and I allow it. I have lost part of myself, as I fold inward to bend to my husband’s every desire. He is sick and twisted, and I am now also. He has brainwashed me with the liberal agenda, so that I may be turned against anyone who believes differently.

My family will not visit me often in my home. I am now mentally disabled, due to the years of emotional abuse and control exerted over me. I take medications to numb my spirit and my thinking processes. I am completely dependent upon my husband.

My husband was abused physically as a child. He recovered enough to function for a time as an adult, but has frequent bouts of depression. He has cheated on me numerous times, in the flesh and through his viewing of pornography on the internet. He has convinced me that if I wanted to leave him, I would have nowhere to go, no job, no means of support. He wants me to believe that I am worthless. Sometimes I think he is right, but then I remember bits and pieces of my childhood walk with God, and I know it isn’t true. When I try to stand up for myself, my husband rewards my courage with mental cruelty, so that I will not try it again for a long, long time.

My strength in nearly gone. I visit a counselor, but I know something has to change, because I cannot continue this way and survive. Please help me, Jesus, give me courage, guide me, and tell me what I should do.

Your Friend,



Dear Bridget,

My child, you are not alone in your pain and your trials. I have carried your cross and your burdens, because of my great love for you, but now you must take up your cross and follow me.

Your letter brought me to tears, because you write so poignantly that you feel you have no worth. You have compromised everything about yourself for a man that does not love you. He does not even love himself, but is seeking God in his constant craving for ungodly things. He is not a temple of my holy spirit, but of the evil one. I say this because you, as a child of God, baptised in the holy spirit, are under grave attack.

Satan will do anything to obtain the promise of your soul, because you are worth more to him as one of my followers than others who are not. Your soul is a coveted prize, and he means to possess you fully. Your husband is only too willing to assist Satan in this deed, and is now fully under the devil’s control. You have become only too comfortable with the daily attacks he has lulled you into accepting.

What you must know is that it is not too late to save yourself !

Do you remember as a child the story of the mustard seed? If you have the faith of a mustard seed, nothing is impossible unto you. You had a beautiful mustard seed necklace as a child that you wore to church on Sundays, and displayed proudly. Now it is time to put yourself inside the seed. This will be easy for you, since you are telling me you feel so small. Now – Let my love for you and the church wrap you, the seed, in our loving care. Come back to the church, Bridget. Come home, where you belong.

My child, I will never leave you – You only need to call upon me and I am there. I will guide you, but you need to give me an important place in your heart. Tell anyone who will listen that you believe in me, and you will always have friends to support you.

Bridget, you are infinitely valuable in the kingdom of God, my Father in heaven. My Father has given you a guardian angel to guide and protect you. Listen to your protector and do not deny your soul the opportunity to hear my voice, as I will speak to you often. When I speak, you will know me. You will feel my peace and my love. My holy spirit will inspire you to take action against those who would snuff out your life, and the life of any Christian that will fight for Me. My love will sustain you, and when I see you in my Father’s house, the angels will rejoice and sing ! You have no idea of the great heavenly reward that awaits all those who hear me, and obey.

Your Friend,






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