Get Over Yourself !!!

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I must confess to a certain amount of exaustion that I’m certain comes with the territory of being a working mom. A few years ago, I gave in to these feelings and confided in one of my fellow parishoners about always being tired, never getting anything done, the house looking like a tossed salad, and so on. My friend is a mom of 5 (all under the age of 8), and always seemed a bit tired herself. I guess I took that fact as my cue (wrong!) that it would be OK to vent a bit about how I didn’t get enough help on the endless chores, that I felt like a gerbil on a non-stop wheel. Yep, you guessed it.  I was acting like a big baby, disguised in dress-up clothes for church, complete with make-up and high heels.

The response I got was PRICELESS. My friend turned to me, eyes open wide with surprise, and said, “Get over yourself !”….I was a bit taken aback, shocked that this mother in particular wouldn’t partake in an overt invitation to complain ad nauseum, like me. She again repeated, “Get over yourself, sister ! That’s what I tell myself every day. I used to work a high-paying job with lots of status that was making me and everybody else in my family crazy. Now I work for kisses and hugs from my babies. If I do something so small as change the sheets on a bed, I get lots of sweet ‘thank-you’s’ from my little ones. That’s the only pay I want anymore.” She looked at me incredulously for my whine-fest, and I said quietly, “You’re right. I shouldn’t complain.”

The great thing about being a Catholic Christian is that we get to experience first-hand that the church is not for perfect people without sin, but rather like a hospital. There we are a continual work in process, with God as physician and we the patients. While the casual unbeliever may want to call attention to and label any transgression we make as hypocrisy, we know differently. In my case, I was being lifted up by a fellow mom to a better attitude of grateful service to others.

Attitude ? Check. Attitude adjustment? Check-mate.

Get Over Yourself !

:>) Nancy



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