Luna, our moon, is desolate, void of life, and on its own, unhabitable. When Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon on July 20, 1969, he never touch the moon’s surface with his bare feet. In reality, he was standing on the material of his spacesuit, which was created on Earth. If he had walked on the moon with his bare feet, then he would have been in big trouble!

Anyway, Dear Reader, an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) is a phenomenon in the air that we cannot identify. Both UFO enthusiasts, who believe in alien beings from distant planets, and the UFO skeptics, who think that UFOs are not real, are both misguided. The skeptics will have us believe that UFOs are illusions. The eyes are playing tricks. Perhaps sometimes these UFOs are illusions; this may be true, but certainly not always.

The UFO enthusiasts will have us believe in the nonsense of some alien-creatures that can fly spaceships throughout the galaxies. Neither group will cite the Ancient text and Holy Scriptures, which are full of descriptions of beings that are not human, and most times, they are unidentifiable (UFOs). We call them, Angels and demons.

Why do we not hear about Angels and demons on these so-called UFO reality-programs? There exist volumes of eyewitness accounts of Angels and demons throughout history leading up to our postmodern times. Nevertheless, the UFO enthusiasts and the skeptics fail to utter a word about them.

Angels and demons can appear in many shapes, sizes, and forms. They are real. The laws of nature and the laws of physics do not bind Angels and demons. Moreover, in outer space, we have yet to discover one blade of grass, one drop of free-flowing drinking water, or even one footprint of an alien being. By the way, Angels and demons do not normally leave physical evidence behind.

Consequently, the demons want you to believe in this UFO phenomena because, when our minds are entirely filled with nonsense, then we are not thinking about The Most Holy and Undivided Trinity. If UFOs were Angels, then you would know because something heavenly occurred!

If UFO enthusiasts, who on most occasions believe also in the survival of the fittest, were correct, then why are we not slaves of some vastly more intelligent species? In addition, these UFO occupants must be able to travel as fast as the speed of light or beyond. Alpha A & B and Proxima Centauri, the closest three stars to our star, Sol the sun, are about four light years away. Their theoretical planets are empty of alien-being life.

On Earth, no one has ever located one-inkling of a metal screw or mechanical device from an alien ship that is said to have visited us. If someone did, then it would be bigger NEWS than Neil’s first-step. The kid-art found on ancient caves and walls are someone’s wonderful imagination and/or depictions of Angels or demons. The so-called metallic disks seen in the sky are cloud formations, weather balloons, and other natural flying objects. Or, some of them may well be an Angel or a demon.

The giant ground drawings etched across desert floors throughout the Americas are nothing more than evidence of groups of people working together biding their time on Earth. What would you be doing if electrical power were non-existent? Anyway, Dear Reader, ancient people were surveyors, architects, engineers, and they knew how to build gigantic structures. It does not take a rocket-scientist to realize that!

Dear Reader, I believe also in the survival of the fittest! Who are the fittest? Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth. The Angel of the Lord (Father) appeared unto Mary, and she was conceived by the Holy Spirit! O Jesus, Meek and Humble of Heart, make my heart like Your Heart!

Thy Will be done (Father) on Earth as it is in Heaven, not on Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune or, Pluto, etc., nor even on planet, Gliese 581g, but on Earth, just as Mr. Armstrong was doing when he was exploring, discovering, and walking on Luna by means of his astro-boots, which were made from the material and from the know-how found only on Earth!

Mary, Queen of the Angels, help me to love Jesus with all my strength!

Angel of God, my Guardian Dear, to whom God’s Love commits us here . . .!

Stay-tuned for the “Post Script of Volume III” on March 29.

Peace & Jamly,

hobo euie

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