At the conclusion of Washington Irving’s Rip Van Winkle, it says, “Then, worn and weary, at last laid down for his locks were white and his limbs were sore, and Rip Van Winkle will wake no more.” Dear Reader, I wonder if someone engraved the acronym, RIP, on Mr. Van Winkle’s headstone?

Why, Dear Reader, do we hear Jesus, in one incident, teach, “Do not weep any longer, for she is not dead, but sleeping.” In addition, at another time and place, we hear Jesus teach, “Let the dead bury their dead.” to the would-be followers?

Anyway, Rip’s three bearded companions, one with bushy hair, another with a big head, and the third with a humongous nose, played ninepins until their hearts desired. He drank liberally with them from the liquor-filled flagons, and before he knew it, he had fallen asleep to the world for many, many years.

Like Rip van Winkle, have we too fallen asleep at the flagon, so to speak? Do we languish in front of the internet or idiot-box (TV) for hours-on-end, day-after-day, month-by-month, year-to-year watching golf, bowling (Rip’s nine-pins), baseball, soccer, soap operas, sit-coms, 24/7 newscasts, and football, etc? Have these pastimes become like slivering snakes reigning over our lives?

Is there any hint of common sense in our lives concerning the Hereafter, Eternity? Will we be sleeping in God’s Peace, or will we be eternally fermenting in death; the dead buried by the dead? Because sometimes we are so blind struggling through the day, we have forgotten about the Presence of King Jesus and Queen Mary.

Yes, we must allow our bows to relax sometimes, so to speak, to allow our quivers to shoot with precision. It is just fine when we partake in good humor and good entertainment, but enough is enough, moderation is wanting! Our bows (souls) have become warped; our arrows (prayers) are dulled. We have lost the ability to thwart our snakes.

Dear Reader, Each and every one of us has a super-opportunity to awaken in Jesus. I have perused many stories about how prisoners find God while serving their sentences. Dear Reader, God is not lost. We are. Like the father of the prodigal son, Our Father, who art in Heaven, is running towards us with open arms.

Dear Reader, Our Catholic Church is in reality the Mystical Body of Christ, with Jesus being the Head, and the faithful people, who are existing on Earth, sleeping in Purgatory, and living in Heaven, are the members of the Body such as the shoulders, arms, fingers, legs, feet, and toes, etc., so to speak. The Apostles being the shoulders, and Mary, Our Blessed Virgin Mother, is the Sweet Neck!

All Heavenly Aid and Graces, from Jesus, pass through this Adorable Neck to the members of the Body. Therefore, each and every salutation and supplication that are made to Jesus, by the members, goes up through Mary! The Holy Spirit is the Heart of the Mystical Body of Christ!

I continue to echo: Jesus tells His Apostles and us that He will always be with us. He is not merely speaking in an omnipresent sense, but in a Real and Actual Presence. He is with us in His Body and Blood, Soul, and Divinity. In other words, He is visibly with us as Truly Human and Truly Divine.

Where, you might ask, can I actually see Him? Follow Mary; look in the New Holy Temple, the Holy Catholic Church. There He is; He is doing the Father’s Business. He is the Most Blessed Sacrament!

Dear Reader, We all fall in Love, sometimes! Love is in the air! Sense it; wake-up now! Listen to Jesus in the whispering silence. Finally, Rest in Peace (RIP) is a Catholic epitaph that has been carved into headstones and prayed at burial rites for many, many centuries. Pray with me, Dear Reader, “May the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, RIP. Amen!”

St. Patrick, help us!

Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

Stay-tuned for, “UFOs” on Thursday, March 22.

Peace & JAMLY,

hobo euie

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