How fortunate Lou and I were to be able to take a road trip recently.  Down to Myrtle Beach and then across the state to attend a wedding.  We decided to stay off those crazy, high speed roadways and take the scenic route.  Across the bay by ferry, over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel and along Highway 17.  Loved going through the small towns, stopping at the quaint shops and dining at the Mom & Pop eateries.  The benefits of being retired…we can do a 8 hour trip in 16 hours!

After a few days we were headed west.  Lou put our destination into the GPS.  I checked the route on a map for the southern states.   As we started, “Jack” the GPS voice, wanted us to turn south and then make several turns after that before getting onto a highway.  Highway names rather than numbers were used, much to my dismay.  I remembered a sign several miles to the north for the highway we wanted to be on.

“Honey, I think Jack is sending us the wrong way.”  “If we turn right we can catch Route 50 up the road apiece,” I said.  “That’s ok; I think we’ll be fine,” Lou stated.  “But I think we are going out of our way.”  “We’ll be fine.”  And so the conversation went until there was no response from Lou.  So, we followed where Jack led.  Hard for me to do, as I like to be in control in some situations and driving is one of them.

After a few minutes of quiet, there we were, merging onto Route 50 heading west. Jack was right!  Wouldn’t you know it!  Had we turned right, heading north as I suggested, we would have gotten onto Route 50 only to come back south again.  Jack found the shorter route.  “Wow, Jack was right, Honey.”  “Good job, Jack!”  Hubby just smiled.

99% of the time I trust God.  I realized long ago that He knows what He is doing.  At first it was hard to give up control of situations and turn things over to God; but, I did learn.  How much easier my life was after that!

Sometimes I’m in a situation and for that 1% of the time, I think I know how things should unfold.  Usually, Lou and I will have pretty much the same conversation where he is content to turn things over to God and I’m thinking God may need my help.  I don’t ever think I know better than God anymore.  When young, yes, but not any more.  Now, only occasionally, I think He needs my help to move things along faster and in the right direction.

As always, God does what needs to be done and I stand in amazement as to how things turn out for the best.  Many times in ways I could never imagine.  And then, it’s always… “Wow, God was right; look at what He did” and “Thank you, God!”

God always knows best.  Sometimes it’s not the fastest or shortest route; but, the more scenic route.  Sometimes He brings us through places we would rather not be.  But then He might bring us to a destination far better than we could ever have imagined.  We just need to trust Him.

I remember in the days before GPS how easy it was to get lost, to wander aimlessly. Now trips are easier with “Jack.”  So it is with life.  When we trust God to lead our way, we will never get lost or wander aimlessly.  He will guide us through all of life’s terrain, every moment of everyday, and get us safely to where we need to be.

God’s blessings to you and those you love,


Dear God, Watch over and guide me as I travel through life.  May my final destination be with You and all the angels and saints for all eternity.  Amen.