Thank goodness it’s Friday!  For some, today will be a good day because it’s the last work day of the week.  For retirees, that doesn’t matter, as it’s six Saturdays and a Sunday every week, anyway.  But for me, today is a very special day.  It’s my husband’s birthday and a great day to celebrate a special man.

“What makes Lou special,” you might ask?  Well, he’s always laughing; a happy soul, who loves telling jokes…some are hysterical, some elicit groans.  But the grandkiddies love PopPop and flock to his side to hear them.  He always sees the humor in things; so we wind up laughing, sometimes at the most unexpected times.

He has a peacefulness about him.  He gives me the calm I often need. He is my rock and safe harbor in troubled times.  Seldom stressed out.  Only seen him stressed a handful of times…a handful over 51 years is not very much.

He’s one of those people that makes lemonade when life gives him lemons!  I don’t think he has a negative bone in his body; always sees the positive side of things.  And never in a rush.  He enjoys every minute and sees the beauty in things.

He is a religious man, but never preaches religion during an average day.  Nope, he lives it.  He always says that you should teach others about God through your actions, not by your words alone.

Now don’t get me wrong, he does have his faults.  Don’t all men?  In the scheme of things, his faults are minor and only annoying when I haven’t gotten enough sleep.

So what makes him this way?  Over the years I have discovered his philosophy on life….

* why be miserable and grumpy when it takes less effort to be happy.

* why waste time worrying about things that, most likely, won’t ever happen.

* why stress over things; things always turn out the way they are supposed to anyway.

* why rush through the day; you’ll miss some good stuff.

So how did he come upon this philosophy?  Very simply…he believes that God will take care of him and his family.  “God will get us through this,” he’s told me on several occasions.  His belief in God is strong and his trust in God stronger still.  He gives each care and worry to God.  He does what he needs to do, to the best of his ability, and then trusts God to handle the rest.  He lives his life according to a simple belief I often hear him state: “God loves us, God is always with us and God will never abandoned us.”

Happy birthday, Honey!  I love you.

God’s Peace to you and all those you love,


Dear God,

Today my prayers are those of thanksgiving.  Thank you for giving me Lou. Amen.

PS Please bless him in a special way today.


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