A Call to all Catholics and Christians

In the United States, our president, Mr. Barack Obama is trying to pass a law to mandate Catholic and Christian businesses, (including Churches and hospitals) to provide health care coverage for contraception and abortion to all women employees. This includes the “morning after” pill. He is violating our First Ammendment rights in our constitution that allows us religious freedom. Catholic bishops and clergy are all vehemently opposed to this bill. Lawsuits against our government are forthcoming….the Eternal World Television Network (EWTN) is among those suing. The Catholic church has been, and always will be, against abortion and contraception from the earliest times. There is evidence written in the Didache, around the first century, that this was in place back then.

I am therefore calling on ALL Catholics and Christians everywhere to educate yourselves in the matters of faith of our Catholic Church. Understand that contraception is NOT what God wants from us! Understand that abortion is murder!  Realize how ridiculous Mr. Obama is in pursuing this mandate! He is caving in to “culture of death” and the secular world and has created a very big chasm between himself and the Christian world. I URGE EVERY CATHOLIC AND CHRISTIAN OUT THERE WHO IS ABLE TO READ MY BLOG TO SUPPORT THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THIS MATTER AS WE TAKE ON OUR OWN AMERICAN GOVERNMENT IN AN IMPORTANT FIGHT. STAND TOGETHER! DO NOT LET MR. OBAMA AND HIS FEMINIST CRONIES GAIN ANY GROUND IN THIS FIGHT!    DO NOT ALLOW OUR FREEDOM OF RELIGION TO BE VIOLATED! VOTE AGAINST THIS BILL! VOTE AGAINST MR.OBAMA!

There will be an election for President of the United States of America in November 2012. I pray to God in heaven that Barack Obama will not be re-elected. Please pray with me.

“Our Father, in heaven. We come to you humbly and ask that You continue to reign over us and be with us. We ask for Your divine intervention to prevent Mr. Obamas’ plan from materializing. We need You. We need Your Son, Jesus Christ. We need Your Holy Spirit. We are “One Nation Under God”. Give us the strength to uphold the faith and teachings of Your church. Protect us from the evil on the horizon. Amen.”

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I am Catholic from birth. But being raised Catholic didn't really help me understand the faith any better. A few years ago, I was called to learn more about our faith, to dig deeper. What I found was being Catholic is the best thing to be. It makes so much sense. It is not contradicted by the bible, and it is the church that Jesus created for us. I am so proud and happy to be a blogger on CatholicDaily.com.

2 thoughts on “A Call to all Catholics and Christians

  1. It is very sad that people are continuing to write information that is not factual.

    Obama exempted ALL religious organizations that have a religious objection.

    One would think Pres Obama was the first instance of mandating contraceptive coverage from the attacks by Catholic Bishops and others.

    Catholic Charities has spent thousands, probably millions, fighting and losing contraceptive mandates in state courts. Last year the US Supreme Court refused to hear appeals from New York.

    The original mandate never included churches or abortions. The most recent research has found no evidence that the “morning after” drugs cause a fertilized egg to not attach to the uterus. The drugs do NOT cause the abortion of an attached egg.

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