No Writers Block……….Sick

Hi Everyone,

Silly me. The last time I wrote, I thought it was due to writier’s block. Not at all, just a slow progressive virus that has put me flat on my back. Starting out slowly with each passing day. This past week it put me completely on my back, especially the last two to three days.

By God’s grace, I am now beginning to improve, but slowly. I’m going to take the hint to take care of myself. My mother has been a wonderful mom with supplying me with loads of delicious chicken soup. My daughter, Maria, has done a fantastic job of stepping up to the plate and helping me with the transportation of her brother and sister, and in general keeping an eye on them. My husband has been a great help with keeping up with the laundry.  T & J have been wonderul siblings by doing their best to get along and into bed within a reasonable hour.  The past 48 – 72 hours I have very few memories of any questions or concerns from my children. I am very thankful and proud of my husband, Maria, T & J pulling it together to keep the important things running in the household………………now, if the dogs could just learn to feed themselves……….

God bless, stay well…………and hoping to being returning next week with blogging.


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Hi, Welcome to my blog Faith Comes First for My name is Michele, mom of three, two dogs and a husband. I teach 6th grade CCD. Through the years, I have been encouraged to write, along with writing books. Last week, a girlfriend mentioned I should write a book. I chuckled and stated "about what?". She replied "anything, you love to write about multiple topics". When God sent this opportunity my way, I decided to apply, and to my delight I was accepted. I hope and pray that you will find my blogs interesting and informational. My goal is to share the little tidbits of our Catholic religion from the past, and bring it back into the present. So much is still pertinent for this day and age, and yet has been missed, or not taught any longer. One of my goals is to bring that back, along with information about the Saints, and how our religion ties into today's political scene we are living in at the moment. Thank you for visiting my blog, and please feel free to leave feedback. I would love to hear from others with ideas, your thoughts and feelings. Again, thank you and God Bless, Michele

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