Writer’s Block

Wow, at first I didn’t believe this could ever happen to me!  Though it has, I’m still surprised. I have lots roaming around in my head to write about, nonetheless, the brain cells are not settling in on one topic.

I believe I have post holiday overload, if there is such a thing.  My daughter’s gift from her boyfriend is him getting the downstairs bedroom finished for her to move into. He is a great organizer and hard worker. I have truly appreciated all the hard work he has put into completing this room for her.

I also appreciate the help and guidance my brother has given his niece, and her boyfriend.  My brother and husband, did a great job with putting up the new ceiling. It looks beautiful.  My brother gave them some tips on the painting of the room.  My husband has been surprised with some of the work, and in the end I pray he will be happy to have all three kids in their own room, and we’ll be able to get “normal” sleep again, whatever that may be……….it’s been so long I forget!

As all household projects go………there are always the little extra surprises that pop up. They have, and put him a little behind, so now the pressure is on to finish enough to get her bed, and shelves back into the room. Then we can begin to move her things from upstairs to downstairs while he is back at school. She can get a feel for what else she needs in her room, or what she would like in her room, or even what she feels would work better in her room. For me, today, I have this unsettled feeling in the pit of my stomach, a roaming feeling, a “can’t settle down” feeling, and I can’t put my finger on it.

Maybe it’s the feeling of “wow, is this really going to happen, so then I can separate the other two kids, and we can all return to a normal sleeping routine!”.  I pray so, because I believe I have gotten to the end of my rope with the dogs and their uninvited guests, along with my wacky sleep schedule. There is a definite improvement with the visitors, but for me, one is even too much. I am unable to feel as though I can live in my home, until all of these visitors are gone.

Once upon a time, I enjoyed carpet cleaning, now……………….ugh!  I have never felt something take so long as I feel with this intricate, detailed cleaning.  As I type this, I vaguely remember this same feeling when the living room was being remodeled for two years, and then another four years for our addition to be finished.  In reality then, I guess I’m doing pretty good!

Hmmm, well that was a nice little God “nudge”.  I had put those other two times of my life out of my head.  Now that I’ve typed that, God has helped me put this issue into perspective. What I feel is “taking so long”, and I’m sure so do others, really isn’t……..it’s taking as long as it is because this there is a lesson in it for me, and for others.  I need to accept that and go with it.

With that, I’m going to sign off, the head is still whirling a mile a minute, and I need to get myself off to mass. If I keep typing, I’ll mess up somewhere along the line!

Have a good night, and God Bless!