Through the Fog

Driving through thick fog on our way to Mass Sunday morning, my five year old foster son asked me, “What makes fog?”  My answer-guess, “Fog comes when water vapors gather with temperature changes,” inspired me to look it up later. Truth be told,  I can’t really explain why fog happens.  I know I learned about fog in many science classes throughout my school years, but now my memory is foggy.

As I drove, I contemplated the fog, which blocked my foster son’s favorite view (and the highlight of his trips to Church),  the railroad racks down the hill and the possibility of spotting a real train.  In the dense fog we only had one option: to look at the things right in front of us. No viewing the islands bordering the bay or the mountain peaks beyond.  No matter how hard we strained our eyes, the far away sights remained invisible.  

Although we may only drive in the fog occasionally, God gives us the gift of a sort of spiritual fog every day.  Although we desire all knowledge, we can’t see into the future; we really only have a view of what’s right in front of us.  This day, this hour, this minute are His gift to us in which we may draw close to Him and build up our relationship with Him to fit us for heaven.  There, the views will be endless, and all sights phenomenal.

God invites us to call upon Him for direction, to seek his will for us and to honestly desire to follow Him wherever He may lead.  In order to assist us as we navigate our way into the unknown, He feeds us with His flesh and blood and gives us the guiding light of the Holy Spirit, the sacraments and the Word of God.

As we fumble around in our personal discernment, it’s tempting to envy the audible call Jesus spoke to St. Francis of Assisi as he prayed in the old, ruined St.Damiano Church.  This call, “Francis, repair my house,” taken literally, led him to embark upon a holy construction project. Further discernment helped St. Francis hear God’s call more clearly, and through his personal sanctity helped to rebuild the Holy Catholic Church.

As we celebrate the legacy of St. Francis of Assisi on his feast day today, let us ask his intercession.  May we learn to carefully listen and prayerfully discern the unique call God has placed upon each of our hearts.

“If today you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”   Psalm 95