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I am used to being ignored, in a way that many parents may find familiar, as in having to ask repeatedly before a dishwasher gets unloaded, or a dog gets fed or a load of trash gets hauled to the bin.  But recently I thought I had been muted by my Protestant friend, who took a few days to approve my comments on a recent blog post about her failed marriage.  She had shared a painful, sad story which at one point alluded to a conversation she initiated with her pastor regarding the teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage.  My comments, written intentionally and thoughtfully in the hope of providing comfort and inspiration in her time of suffering and loss seemed to have been deemed unfit for public consumption.  As I wondered about the possibility of being censored, I thought, “Perhaps I am too Catholic for approval.”  Ultimately knowing it was her decision to publish what she wished on her own site, trusting she must have had her reasons, I held no grudge.

In her post, she described the tearful day she told her pastor, “If I was Catholic this wouldn’t even be considered a marriage, since it was never consummated.”  At which point her pastor replied, “But you aren’t Catholic.  And you are married.”

Perhaps I was inspired by a quote from the daily reading:

It is impossible for us not to speak about what we have seen and heard. ~Acts 4:20

And so I prayed, and commented:

May God be praised for your honesty and charity in sharing your story… and may your experience be helpful for others and bring you closer to Christ…

The teachings of the Catholic Church on marriage are unbelievably beautiful, and give us great peace of mind (even in great trials) and true hope for the future…

I will continue to hold you in prayer, and my offer is always open if you want to come and pray with me… Praying in the Real Presence of Christ is an incredible grace. Even non-believers experience tremendous peace and deepening of (or beginning of) faith when they spend time with Him in person.

If you ever want to know and understand why the Catholic Church teaches what she teaches, please don’t ask someone who isn’t a devout, knowledgeable Catholic…you will only get an opinion (sometimes an extremely distorted and misleading, or even harmful answer {not that they would do it on purpose, it’s just that they pass on what they’ve been taught, which is most often untrue}). You cannot get the (whole) truth about the Catholic Church from a non-Catholic or an ex-Catholic or a lukewarm Catholic. (It would be like asking a vegan to explain all the details of living as a diabetic…Absurd!)

Or, look up your question or a topic of interest on a reputable website like  See the link on the main page for non-Catholics.

I am honored to call you my friend and a sister in Christ…

Signing off…with love,


While this comment lingered in the land of ‘pending approval,’ I carried my friend close to my heart and prayed that she would find true peace in Christ and healing through His Real Presence. Ultimately it is her blog, and her life, and she wasn’t asking me for my opinion or my advice.  It was freely given; hers to accept or reject.

He said to them, “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.”  ~Mk 16:15

This morning I found my comment and a few dozen others, all offering kind and supportive messages had been approved.  As my friend begins a new chapter in her life, I pray that my Catholic comment will inspire her to seek the truth where the truth may be found.

{Post updated and edited 4/16/12}