This Too Shall Pass

Ever feel stuck; unable to get out of the rut you are in?  You are not alone.  Life has a way of becoming mundane even for the best of us.  Maybe we have a task that we have done over and over so many times that we don’t feel we can repeat it once more.  We want a change; big time but day after day it is the same old thing.  The daily grind starts to wear us down.

When we feel like this we need to step back and put things into perspective.  Life has a way of taking care of things.  Time travels forward.  This too shall pass.

Whenever I feel like I can’t take it anymore I search the Bible and read about Moses and Noah.  I try to feel how Moses must have felt all those long years walking in the desert.  Or Noah on that ark for quite some time waiting and wondering.  Whatever it is that is wearing you down won’t last forever.  What we don’t think we can do we have the power inside to perform by taking it day by day; minute by minute; second by second if need be.  The secret is not to become stagnant or bitter.  Remember nothing lasts forever.

Change is constant.  People change as they grow and age.  Things change with time and wear.  Life can change forever at the drop of a hat.  Moses didn’t quit walking he continued his journey day after day of the same scenery with much hardship and complaints from all around him.  Noah didn’t jump ship he was patient and in spite of ridicule and hard work built an ark that was sea worthily.  We know the whole story of Moses and Noah and it all makes sense.

Something tells me these two Old Testament stories found in our bible are there to help us keep going when we want to give up.  To remain firm when we feel like crumbling.  To get back up when we fall down; to hope when we see no hope.  As we complete our life picture the hardships, complaints; ridicule and all that wears us down will somehow one day make sense.

Judge life situations for what they are.   Sustain; carry on; continue forward.

With God all things are possible.


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